Author: Jason Kunkel

Tiny Windows and Graphics Cards

Our technical experts are investigators and problem-solvers in their spare time. See how Jason helped solve a Revit user’s mysterious glitch… From RVIT: Recently saw a Tweet from Tom Whitehead concerning a teeny tiny window that showed up in his Revit. While it wasn’t EXACTLY like a problem that has been occurring over the last few years, it looked awful close to a problem that has come up with Revit and desktop management software like nView and Hyrdavision. I dropped Tom a quick note to test out my hunch, and it turns out that yes, nView was the culprit....

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Did You Say FREE BIM Tools for Revit?

We are excited to announce the launch of our BIM tools at! This site is the result of a partnership between CADD Microsystems and Autodesk, and the desire to provide a collection of utilities to make your Revit models even more powerful and data rich than before. The site houses four utilities designed to make your life a little easier: The Autodesk Model Checker for Revit is an add-in that will review your models for BIM standards compliance. It can quickly and automatically review any number of overall model checks, as well as individual element checks, which can...

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Enabling Your Autodesk Cloud Subscription Benefits

Subscription customers have long enjoyed exclusive benefits, such as the flexibility to use the current software version plus the last three releases. In late 2011, Autodesk dramatically expanded this list of benefits, and began offering additional Autodesk Cloud benefits aimed at making it easier for you to share, communicate, collaborate and analyze your designs. Although you can use your existing Subscription account to sign into Autodesk Cloud, you will need to associate a subscription product with your account before select Autodesk Cloud benefits are made available. You can make this association one of two ways: within your Autodesk Subscription...

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