Author: Purvi Gandhi Irwin

Worksets – Your Best Friend for Visibility

Worksets are a very powerful tool in Revit and can be used in a variety of ways. I am a big fan of using them for visibility so that you can easily hide something or make it visible with just a few clicks. As a general rule, I will always make the following worksets (where applicable): One for each linked model: Link_MEP Link_Structural Link_Fire Protection Link_Site At least one for linked CAD files: Link_CAD And then specialized ones for things that I might only want to see in a few views: Finished Floors FFE (Furniture) Rendering (for things like...

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Sketch Lines – Behold Their Power!

Have you ever wanted to create a floor and a ceiling with the same boundary….or copy a non-rectangular callout boundary between a plan and RCP view…or copy a shape from a project into a family….but have never been able to figure out how to? Fear not, for these three things and more can be done using sketch lines! Let’s start one by one. You’ve drawn a non-rectangular floor, and you need a ceiling to match it – this could be a finish floor in a particular room or a bulkhead that matches a pattern in the floor, etc. Edit...

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Rendering in “Realistic Mode” – Revit vs. Photoshop

I had this question come up recently and when I did a web search, I couldn’t find a comprehensive answer, so I thought that I would write one! Pros: Materials can be applied to the actual objects, so they display correctly with perspective If objects move/change, then the rendering will automatically change, too. You don’t have to export and redo all the Photoshop work You can turn on shadows and lighting and they are accurate and change as your design changes. You can easily add in images (murals, flat artwork, TV screens, etc.) and scale/perspective them and they will...

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Oh Sweeps – I love you, but I don’t always want to SEE you!

Sweeps are an interesting entity within Revit. They definitely have their own personality sometimes and while they can be useful, we often only want to see them in particular views. Fortunately, walls are one of the family categories within Revit where users are allowed to create subcategories that can be used to control visibility. The first thing to do is to create the subcategories that you want. You can add these at any time and assign sweeps to them at any point, so don’t worry if you don’t know all the subcategories you want the beginning. Open up Object...

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CANstruction 2016 – Let’s Go Crazy, Not Hungry

We participated in the annual CANstruction competition this year for the first time as a company. CANstruction is an annual competition pitting different design and construction firms against each other to see how can build the most amazing structures using non-perishable food items. All the food was donated to the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC), our local food bank. After vetting through many many ideas, we settled on a great one, proposed and designed by our very own Allen Levy, as a homage to one of the greatest musicians of all time who left us too early this year....

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