A360 for Revit

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The Collaboration for Revit® cloud service connects Revit project teams so that they can work better together on shared models. It gives project team members from multiple disciplines, locations, or firms centralized access to Revit models. Take advantage of Collaboration for Revit features to expand BIM collaboration, accelerate project timelines and win more work. 


Join us for a webinar on June 29 at 1pm EST, as we show you A360 Collaboration for Revit, and how project teams can connect with centralized access to BIM project data. 

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2D & 3D Viewer

Web-based viewing of models and drawings brings rich visualization right in a browser.

Share files easily

Upload any file to A360 and create a link to instantly share your 3D models or 2D drawings by email, chat or embed directly into a site.

Real time review

Communicate and get feedback from your project stakeholders in real-time. Turn your design files into intelligent, shared workspaces with A360.

Design metadata

See design and drawing references directly through the item overview, facilitating distributed design.

Quickly find data

Search, filter and find project information quickly across design models, complex assemblies, data archives and project activity feeds.

Mobile access

Access your projects from your smartphone or tablet with the A360 mobile app available for iOS and Android.