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AutoCAD® Architecture software is the version of Autodesk AutoCAD software for architects. Create designs and documentation more efficiently using tools built specifically for architects. Tedious drafting tasks can be automated, helping you to reduce errors. Familar AutoCAD working methods and an intuitive environment help to provide productivity gains while giving you the flexibility to learn additional features at your own pace. And TrustedDWG technology makes it easier to share and communicate designs with engineers and the extended project team. Help accelerate project reviews and approvals using integrated rendering tools to create more realistic design visualizations. AutoCAD Architecture offers a faster way of working for architects familar with AutoCAD software. 

Walls, doors, and windows

Mimic real-world behavior and construction.

TrustedDWG™ technology

Share and save design data with AutoCAD Architecture.

Roof Grip Editing

Create and modify roof outlines with more control.

Sections and elevations

Generate directly from your floor plan.

Design and documentation

Create with detail components and keynoting tools.