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Autodesk® Revit® Structure software is the Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution for structural engineering firms. More effectively streamline the process from design through detailing to fabrication, and connect design and analysis using the integrated multi-material physical model and independently editable analytical model. Make better decisions earlier in the design process by more accurately visualizing structures before they are built. Help reduce time spent producing final construction drawings and increase the accuracy of documentation, improving overall project deliverables for clients. Revit Structure helps to provide the advantage of BIM, which improves multidiscipline coordination of structural design documentation, minimizes errors, and enhances collaboration among building project teams.

Parametric components

Use intelligent building components to improve design accuracy.

Bidirectional associativity

Any change in your design is automatically reflected throughout your model.


Multiple users can simultaneously work on the same intelligent building model.

Construction modeling

Improve insight into constructability of building elements.

Enhanced structural analytical model

Display Local Coordinate System widgets along structural analytical elements in the view.

Structural analytical model

Create and manage the structural analytical model.

Structural details

Create details from views of a 3D model.