Autodesk Account Assistance Program
Autodesk Account Assistance
As a benefit of partnering with CADD Microsystems, all subscription customers can participate in our Autodesk Account Assistance (AAA) Program. Our goal is to ensure you receive full support through the purchase and activation of your software. When you purchase Autodesk software through us, we’ll provide your license file quickly and efficiently, help set up your Autodesk Account, and help set up your license manager. We’ll also download, burn and provide your media if you need it that way.

The AAA program includes:

Autodesk Account Assistance

We'll provide troubleshooting help for issues with the Autodesk Account website, as well as general guidance for using it, and manage case escalations with Autodesk for issues that warrant additional support.

Autodesk Account Remote Set-up (Up to 2 Users)

We'll perform a remote session to provide a demonstration of the Autodesk Account website and walk you through the creation of up to two users.

License File Creation

We’ll gather information from you regarding serial numbers, number of licenses, server names, MAC Addresses, and other data necessary, then obtain a license file to send directly to you. Available upon request.

License Manager Assistance

We will provide troubleshooting for issues with the License Manager, as well as provide guidance on reinstallation procedure, when necessary.

Download, Burn and Provide Media

We can assist you if you are having difficulty accessing or downloading the necessary installation files for your Autodesk product.

We also provide additional services:

  • Autodesk Training: In-classroom, online or customized to meet your specific needs.
  • Consulting Services
  • Phone Support
  • Complimentary On-Demand Webinars
  • Complimentary Live Events
For more information about the AAA Program or our other services, please contact us: | 703.924.5310 | 800.550.CADD