FM: Systems User Conference Even though the FM: Systems User Conference officially started Wednesday night with a welcome reception hosted by CADD and the other Platinum business partners, CADD has been here in Raleigh all week, preparing to better serve our customers!

The CADD team attended classes about using more with Revit, Advanced Configuration tips and much more!

This morning, FM: Systems released some of the exciting new features and enhancements of 8.5. The consistent theme has been how using FMx5 (or HTML 5) viewer delivers a higher level of user experience and information.

Some highlights they outlined:

– Icon based navigation; gone are the days of the navigation “tree”. Instead, using icons to toggle between modules and roll down to views and pages is the new direction. Favorites have been finally introduced both for each module and for “global” or entire site toggling.

– The FMx5 viewer itself has been amped up. Users can use scale bars, PDF more easily, change the unit of measure and even change line weights!

– Drag and Drop features that were showcased at last years conference are on fire this year. Move projects, individual moves and much more can be done by simply dragging within the graphic view!

– Expanding on graphic views, you can save and create your own graphic views by filtering data points (groups, space types) to picking layers to see or not see!

– FMx5 Reporting continues to show how they want FM:Interact front end users to be able to make the most out of the system, with self created graphs and much more.

– Lastly, the new Space Reservations apps, furthering their goal to get things mobile. End users can schedule and manage hoteling and room requests live and in their pockets.

As you can see, the conference is making the data more accessible, faster and more accurate!


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