Exciting news for all AutoCAD users! We just added a new whitepaper to the Technical Drafting Conversion Tables collection on the CADD Community. Inspired by our civil engineering clients, the Imperial and Metric Text Standards whitepaper focuses on teams working in mixed-unit environments. Designed as a printable resource, the whitepaper includes tables identifying standard text heights for each unit type, and equivalent text heights between metric, imperial, and Leroy standards.

Here’s a preview:

The Imperial and Metric Text Standards whitepaper joins two other whitepapers already available on the CADD Community: The Decimal Foot Conversion Table and the Drawing Scale Factors & AutoCAD Shortcuts.

The Decimal Foot Conversion Table converts inches and fractional inches to a decimal foot value. For example, converting 3′ 4-3/4″ to 3.3958′.  This table is most valuable to individuals such as civil engineers and surveyors who setup their drawings in feet value.

Finally, to assist in the conversion of plotted height to real-world unit (model) height, the Drawing Scale Factors & AutoCAD Shortcuts whitepaper summarizes the most common drawing scales and their associated scale factor multiplier. As an added bonus, this whitepaper also includes a list of common AutoCAD shortcuts.

Find these, and additional whitepapers only on the CADD Community: CADD Downloads – FAQs and Whitepapers – Technical Drafting Conversion Tables.


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