As the industry moves to cloud- and consumption-based software, Autodesk has developed a cost-effective program for customers to switch their current maintenance licenses to a subscription model plan. The program was designed to help customers realize the value of subscription – better access, control and insight – without increasing costs, and the perks that come with the switch are worth taking notice.

What you need to know in three lines or less:

While customers can continue to renew their current perpetual licenses on an annual basis, all new licenses sold will be subscriptions. Autodesk’s new program allows users an easy way to switch perpetual licenses to subscription, to avoid managing a hybrid portfolio. Our team at CADD Microsystems can help you determine what’s best for your organization by reviewing your current Autodesk licenses and providing you with all available options.

What are the benefits of switching to subscription?

Transitioning to the subscription program will not only save you money over time, but customers gain access to Autodesk’s ongoing stream of innovation, updates to core products, cloud services for desktop products, and additional capabilities as soon as they’re available. They also get access to new Industry Collections, currently available only through subscription.

How much will it cost to switch to subscription?

In many cases, the discounted price of your subscription will be equal to that of your maintenance renewal price. Autodesk’s program provides discounts to transition to subscription, which you can lock in for up to 3 years. You’ll receive the biggest cost-savings by switching now, as the discount decreases by 5% in 2018, and another 5% in 2019.

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For additional questions, or to switch your license to subscription, you can email us at, reach out to your CADD Microsystems account representative, or submit a request to have someone contact you.


Receive 30% Off Autodesk Collections when you trade in legacy licenses!

For a limited time, you can save up to 30% when you trade in your qualifying non-current perpetual licenses for a 1- or 3-year subscription to the Autodesk Industry Collections. Subscribing to an industry collection is a great way to access the most essential Autodesk® software and services in one package. Combine this with Autodesk’s subscription transition program, and we can simplify your license management at the same time!

The discount applies to both single and multi-user subscriptions, and the new subscription does not have to match the trade-in perpetual license. Offer valid through October 20, 2017.