Do you know what the most frequently used FM tool in the world is today? None other than Microsoft Excel. When trying to work with islands of information in Excel, Word, .pdf files, CAD Drawings, BIM Models or databases it is not an easy task to combine data let alone keep it up to date. When exporting data, the minute it is out of the system it runs the risk of not being up to date. By utilizing an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) such as FM:Systems, avoid classic mistakes in post-implementation blues when a maintenance plan is not in place for people and systems.

The technology aspect of facilities management is critical to maintaining an organization’s infrastructure to support the overall business objectives, but where do you get started? It is a crucial part of a facility manager’s strategic plan. You wouldn’t design a building without a set of plans, so why run a building without one?

This demonstration discusses how we can address these issues while making your facilities management more productive and cost-efficient.

The webinar covers:

  • Challenges typically faced when managing FM processes through Excel or AutoCAD
  • The latest trends in automation, best practices, and where the FM industry is heading
  • How FM Interact can help automate manual and disconnected processes
  • How CADD Microsystems can help you seamlessly integrate these new processes and technologies

You can view the webinar on-demand here.

As co-founder and president of CADD Microsystems, Inc., Matt is applying his diverse industry experience to assist design firms with automating their business and adapting their work processes to take advantage of design automation tools and collaborative technologies. He also is involved in several projects assisting AEC firms in developing their internal standards for corporate and organizational systems. An AutoCAD user since 1985, Matt has personally trained more than 1,000 students on AutoCAD, Architectural and Facility Management products. Matt has successfully implemented FM Desktop solutions for four years and is actively involved with several companies and organizations as a Facilities Advisor. He has presented on technology topics to the AIA and IFMA chapters in the Washington, DC area. Matt received his B.S. in Architecture from Clemson University.

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