Author: Amanda Wilkinson

New on The CADD Community – Content And Tools to Use Everyday in Every Design

Our industry experts have been hard at work building tools and content exclusively for our CADD Community customers. One thing we’ve heard from a lot of our customers is that the out-of-the box family library in Revit, AutoCAD and Bluebeam isn’t necessarily all that comprehensive. So designers spend a lot of time looking for families to use in their designs. We decided to save you some time by building our own frequently-requested libraries and content packs for Autodesk software. These families are free to download for CADD Community members. Our content packs include: AutoCAD Content Pack AutoCAD Linetypes AutoLISP...

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CADD Foundation’s Career Day

A group of CADD Microsystems employees developed a Career Day program for 5th and 6th grade students participating in Wesley Housing’s Summer Camp. They visited our office park on Thursday, August 18 to get an inside look at what we do.  CADD employees have been supporting local charities and the community through the CADD Foundation since its founding in 2013. After a visit to our office space, our first order of business was a 360 degree tour of the view from the top of our office building. We were able to see some great landmarks – The Washington Monument,...

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