Author: Donnie Gladfelter

AutoCAD Fatal Error at Startup – e0434352h

Some customers have recently reported receiving a fatal error when launching their AutoCAD-based software. In addition to AutoCAD, the issue has affected customers using AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Map 3D, and AutoCAD Civil 3D. When launching the software, the respective splash screen displays, and immediately after the Start Page appears, the following error occurs: Uninstalling and reinstalling the software will typically clear up issues like this, but it had no effect in this particular case. The issue proved to be a conflict with a recent Microsoft .NET update. The final solution remedying this error was as follows: Uninstall Microsoft .NET...

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Modeling Medians using AutoCAD Civil 3D Corridors

Despite their frequent placement in roadway designs, modeling medians in AutoCAD Civil 3D is anything but a clear-cut process. Asking a half-dozen Civil 3D users how they approach the task will likely yield just as many answers. An excellent collection of Median subassemblies has shipped with the software for years. Despite this, I’ve found few who put them to use on projects. I think one reason for this is because how to apply the out-of-the-box Median Subassemblies isn’t the most obvious workflow in the world. Furthermore, knowing how the Subassemblies work is often just half the battle. Building your Corridor...

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Update Required: Online Maps No Longer Display in AutoCAD

Autodesk introduced the ability to insert online map data and aerial imagery from the Bing Maps service in AutoCAD 2014. This functionality relies upon version 7 of Microsoft’s Software Development Kit for its Bing Maps service. Microsoft will end support for version 7 of Bing Maps on June 30th, 2017. This change will disable the Online Maps and Geolocation functionality built into AutoCAD 2014-2018 on that date. Because of this change, an update is required to continue using the Online Maps and Geolocation features inside AutoCAD past June 30th. A hotfix to upgrade your version of Bing Maps to...

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Action Required – Critical AutoCAD 2018.0.2 Update

We shared news of the AutoCAD 2018.0.2 update upon its release in April but wanted to revisit the update due to its “high severity” status. Beyond the bug fixes typical of all software updates, the 2018.0.2 update fixes a critical issue that may prevent your software from starting on June 1, 2017. Without the update installed by June 1st, your AutoCAD 2018-based software will not start, and the following error message will display when you attempt to. Clicking OK to the “Sorry, this pre-release product has expired” error message will close AutoCAD. In addition to AutoCAD 2018 and AutoCAD...

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Autodesk University 2017 Class Proposal Voting Now Open

Autodesk University isn’t until November, but planning for the event is well underway. The annual Call for Proposals closed last week, and with nearly 2,200 proposals in hand, now comes the hard part – selecting 600+ classes for this year’s conference. To help in the selection process, Autodesk is giving you a chance to vote, and let them know which classes you would like to see. Voting is currently open and will remain open until June 16th, 2017. Among the 2,200 proposals you can choose from are the fourteen submitted by our very own team of experts here at...

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