Author: Jason Kunkel

New Software Added to the AEC Collection

Autodesk has added a handful of great new titles to the AEC Collection: Advance Steel Fabrication CADmep Robot Structural Analysis Revit Live These are some outstanding additions to the Collection that can really enhance detailing, analysis and visualization workflows!   Sign up for a live webinar and learn more! Learn how your public sector and higher education peers are utilizing the new features of the Autodesk Architecture Engineering & Construction (AEC) Collection and Revit to help their agencies and organizations improve design intent and project delivery on their building projects, while reducing cost. This free online webinar will be...

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Revit BIM Interoperability Tools Ready for 2018

The BIM Interoperability Tools for Revit is a collection of utilities from Autodesk that help extend Revit’s functionality. If you are ready to upgrade to Revit 2018, so are the tools. The Model Checker, Model Checker Configurator, COBie Extension, and Classification Manager all have been updated with 2018 versions. There’s also a great collection of videos available now, in case you need some help with installing, configuring, or using the tools. Click here to access the channel.   Download the new versions now Download the FREE versions of Model Checker, Model Checker Configurator, COBie Extension, and Classification Manager today, and check out additional resources...

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Model Checker for Revit Update

And the updates keep rolling! For those of you using the Autodesk Model Checker for Revit and the Configurator, there has been an update. The Configurator got a little tweak that should make organizing your filters around easier. On the left of the filter workspace, there is now a MOVE UP and MOVE DOWN button that will let you quickly move a selected filter up and down without having to reselect it each time. The Model Checker itself has gotten some bug fixes and a pretty significant enhancement. Prior versions would only allow you to check Type Names vs...

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Revit 2018.1 Released

Autodesk has released Revit 2018.1 with some fixes and updates. You can read more about the new features here. Have a question about the latest Revit update? Our team of experts is on hand and glad to answer your Revit questions. We offer hourly assistance designed to fit your schedule and needs, and can help you with one-on-one instruction, content creation, product maintenance and more. Contact...

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Where has the Revit Space Naming Utility Gone?

For MEP Revit users who rely on space elements, the Space Naming Utility has been a great addition to the Revit workflow. It speeds up a usually manual process of copying architectural Room names and numbers to corresponding spaces. For years it was available to download and install and very easy to track down in the Add-Ins tab. Autodesk decided to integrate it into Revit with Revit 2017.1, which is great because you don’t have to download it separately anymore. However, they moved it so if you go looking for it in its old home, you might get a...

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