Author: Jessica Miller

Making the Switch From Suites to Collections

As Autodesk has made the exciting move from Suites to Collections, we have had many clients come to us with their questions around managing their multi-user licenses. Our team at CADD has put together a nice and concise FAQ that you can grab here. The FAQ covers the questions we’ve been getting, plus a few more for good measure! Read the FAQ to: Find out what the new terminology is Learn if you need to create new deployments or not Work around some potential license sticky spots For additional questions, or to make the move from Suites to Collections, reach...

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Look Into Revit’s Crystal Ball

Autodesk has never published a public-facing Revit Roadmap, until recently!   View the Revit Roadmap   Autodesk has advised they will post updates periodically, and they want your feedback! Let them know what you think and want to see. If there are specific areas of interest, you can submit requests through Revit Ideas – I wonder what roadmap functionality will show up in the next release?   Get the tools you need The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry Collection equips you to design higher quality and more sustainable buildings. Build your capability to deliver great design. Learn...

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BIM 360 and Collaboration for Revit Questions

There is a lot of excitement around Collaboration for Revit (C4R) and how it helps Revit users in different locations work on the same project over the cloud, inside or outside the same company. I recently had a grab bag of questions come up around BIM 360 and C4R and wanted to share them with everyone.  In no particular order: Q. Are there any local files on my server if I use BIM 360?  Our IT folks were wondering about running backups.  Also, can models be archived by users by downloading detached central files from C4R? A. Backup is always...

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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW POST-DEADLINE: The Autodesk subscription changes took effect on August 1, 2016, and you might be wondering – now what do I do? Here’s a round-up of frequently asked questions that we’ve encountered. You will always have access to the perpetual licenses that you own, and you can still renew Maintenance Subscriptions on these licenses – in fact CADD recommends renewing for 3 years to lock-in today’s pricing Industry Collections have been introduced to replace Design and Creation Suites. Instead of purchasing new licenses of the Suites, you’ll now subscribe to the Industry Collections. Some...

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