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The Autodesk COBie Extension for Revit is the best way to collect, generate, and export COBie data in your Revit model to a COBie spreadsheet. There’s been an updated recently, with some bug fixes and tweaks requested by users.

  • The Parameter Mapping has been cleaned up a little for those running the English version of Revit.  Some extra “built-in” parameters that weren’t doing anything have been removed from the list of possible parameters to select.
  • You can now properly see the filename for models linked from Revit Server.
  • Zones in Zone Manager now allow you to type in a category, in addition to the predefined drop-down.
  • Some other minor bug fixes.

As always you can grab the latest version as well as check out may other resources over at

Get the latest version of COBie Extension

Download the FREE version of COBie Extension for Revit and check out additional resources at BIM Interoperability Tools.

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