Update Autodesk Standalone License to Subscription with Single-User Access

Autodesk Subscription
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Many CADD Microsystems clients have recently switched from standalone licenses managed under a maintenance plan to subscriptions with single-user access as part of Autodesk’s Move to Subscription program. Although standalone licenses and subscriptions with single-user access are similar in many ways, there are some differences you should know about when making the switch. In this post, I’ll outline the key things you need to know to manage your existing and future Autodesk software installations successfully.

Activation Differences between Perpetual Licenses and Subscriptions with Single-User Access

Among the fundamental differences between perpetual legacy licenses and the current subscriptions with single-user access relates to activation. Put simply; perpetual licenses were activated per computer and subscriptions with single-user access activate based on the Named User accessing the software.

Though this may seem like a nuanced difference, it provides users with greater flexibility. Since activations are based on the Autodesk Account of a Named User, not the computer itself, an individual may have the software installed on a work computer, a separate computer at a job site, and yet another at their home. The limitation isn’t the number of computers the software is installed on, but instead that a Named User may only sign in and use the software on a single computer at any given time.

Please refer to Autodesk’s Software License Agreement of your software to learn its licensure terms.

What happens when I Switch to Subscription?

From a technical perspective, the most significant difference is new subscription licenses will replace your former perpetual licenses. Because of the activation differences outlined above, switching does mean you need to reactivate any existing installations. It’s important to note both the old maintenance plans and current subscriptions provide rights to run the current version (2018 at the time of writing) plus the last three releases (2017-2015). Granted you’re running one of these releases; the good news is reactivating your software doesn’t mean reinstalling it.

The following video demonstrates how to update the license and activation of your previously installed Autodesk software without reinstalling.


Have more questions regarding the switch?

Autodesk is now providing a cost-effective way to switch your current maintenance licenses to a subscription model plan. Transitioning to subscription will save your organization money over time, and give you access to Autodesk’s ongoing stream of innovation, updates to core products, and cloud services. For more information, contact your account representative today, or complete a short form and we will contact you.

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