Ongoing delivery of projects and maintaining buildings, roadways or municipalities is a constant demand for our customers, and the tools needed to adapt changes constantly. From project deadlines, new technology adoption or assistance with utilizing the software that is in use currently, our maintenance services can help. We offer experienced application specialists who have worked on projects and delivery, with the additional experience and exposure to adopting and maintaining technology for today’s design firms.


  • Part-time expertise with less cost to the client
  • Ongoing maintenance of software
  • Industry experience and exposure to design firm methodologies, workflow and production efforts
  • Leadership assistance within design teams
  • Schedules that match your needs
  • Improved process, workflow and documentation
  • Consistency across templates, standards and project deliverables
  • Focused efforts on system development so your team is focused on billable design issues


  • Project assistance
  • Over the shoulder training on project or software usage topics
  • Project support
  • Standards development and workflow strategies
  • Production assistance
  • CAD/BIM management tasks