Orphan Grain Train

Orphan Grain Train is a 501c3 Nonprofit Christian volunteer network that shares personal and material resources with needy people in America and around the world. Grain Train volunteers gather donations of clothing, medical supplies, food, Christian literature, and other aid to meet real needs.

Read Aloud

Read-Aloud Volunteer Program is a relationship-based program that fosters in children the joy and love of learning through reading and story-telling.

Volunteer Opportunity:

Read-Aloud is looking for people to volunteer to read weekly with kids via Zoom, from October through end of April.

Second Story

Our volunteers serve as valued partners in fulfilling our mission to help homeless youth and youth in crisis. Everything you do makes a difference!

Volunteer Opportunity:

Various: Fundraising to Childcare, apartment cleaning, etc.

The Good Swipe

Our mission is simple: positively impact the Baltimore community by connecting people and organizations through meaningful volunteer opportunities and easy-to-use tools.

Volunteer Opportunity:

Various opportunities in Baltimore.

Volunteering Untapped

Improving Baltimore through increasing volunteerism.

Wesley Housing

Wesley Housing provides safe, quality and affordable housing to residents across the Washington DC metropolitan area. We’re committed to cultivating supportive communities where families can build up their lives.

Volunteer Opportunity:

Various: After-school homework helper, lead enrichment activities, teach computer skills, instruct fitness classes, teach financial literacy.