Everyday Workflows. Simplified.

Autodesk tools are powerful and feature-rich, and we love all that they can do. But sometimes we want them to do more than the out-of-the-box functionality. Our custom apps and add-ins make life easier for design professionals everywhere.

CADD Filter Plus

FilterPlus for Revit

FilterPLUS is designed to easily and immediately make your Revit using experience easier by replacing the native Filter tool with a custom built beefed-up filter. The benefits of FilterPLUS:

A Better Filter

Replaces the built in Revit Filter tool and allow users to not only filter by Category, but now by Family and Type as well

Sized to Perfection

FilterPLUS works in an expandable window that lets you resize it to see more information, as opposed to the one size only native Filter window

Powerfully Familiar

The FilterPLUS interface is immediately understandable and easy to use by folks who have used the original Filter, but it has subtle tweaks that make it a better user experience.

Just Click and Go

No add-in to activate, just install FilterPLUS and it’s ready to go

Dashboard for Revit

CADD Dashboard for Revit

Getting easy to use and customizable information in front of your production team is essential in our world of shrinking deadlines and tighter schedules. The CADD Dashboard gives you the ability to put a web page or document in a dockable window right inside of Revit. More than that, the Dashboard also sends data from the active Revit model to that web page, which will let you put fully customizable project or team specific information right in front of your Revit users.

A Web Browser Inside Revit

A dockable web browser/file viewer right inside of Revit

Heads Up Display of Project Information

Will push Revit project and user information through the Dashboard; this allows dynamic web pages to display customized project specific information

No Training Needed

The CADD Dashboard runs just like a webpage, making it immediately usable by Revit users.

Easily Managed by BIM or IT Management

Settings can be pushed and locked down from BIM or IT management with an easy to use settings system.

WarningsPlus for Revit

WarningsPLUS for Revit

The Warnings dialog in Revit can be a little tricky to navigate, which makes resolving important Warnings something that can be overlooked.
WarningsPLUS for Revit adds a new interface with added functionality to make managing your Revit model warnings a little more manageable.

A Better Warning

Replaces the current Warnings dialog box – no new button to click

Sized to Perfection

WarningsPLUS works in an expandable window that lets you resize it to see more information, as opposed to the one size only native Warnings window

Warnings Made Manageable

Ability to sort and filter warnings to see exactly what you need to see

Focus on What's Important

Warnings can be “ignored” to avoid low priority items

FilePROPS for AutoCAD and Revit

FilePROPS for AutoCAD and Revit

There’s a lot more information in your Revit and AutoCAD files, and sometimes you don’t want to open them up to find it. The standard Windows file properties dialog box is pretty lacking, but FilePROPS lets you peek under the hood of your RVT and DWG files to get a little more crucial data.

Built into Windows

Works right in Windows – even on machines that don’t have AutoCAD or Revit

Just Right-Click

Just right-click on the file and select File Properties for AutoCAD/Revit