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AutoCAD Architecture 2014 The Complete Guide

AutoCAD Architecture 2014 The Complete Guide



Course Duration : 5 Hours

AutoCAD Architecture (ACA) is a specialized "flavor" AutoCAD, with tools and features designed specifically for architectural design and documentation.

Course Outline

  1. Workflow and User Interface

The AutoCAD Architecture User Interface
Workspaces in AutoCAD Architecture
Working With the Project Navigator
Viewing and Navigating Your Models
ViewCube and the Steering Wheel
Working with Objects
Using the Design Center
The User Coordinate System
Using the Help

  1. Walls

Adjusting Walls with AutoCAD Commands
Wall Modify Tools
Wall Cleanup
Wall Openings
Constraints & Walls
Wall Styles
Converting AutoCAD Lines to Walls
Curtain Walls
Curtain Wall Styles

  1. Designing with Architectural Objects

General AutoCAD Architecture Build Tools
Working with the Content Browser and Tool Palette Customization
AEC Polygons
Window Styles
Door Styles
Wall Caps
Door and Window Assemblies
Fixtures, Furnishings, and Equipment
Roof Slabs
Beams & Columns
Ceiling Grids

  1. Project Management

Project Overview
Creating a New Project
Constructs and Grids
Column Grids
Creating the First Floor
Working with Existing AutoCAD Drawings
Working with Projects
Checking In and Out Drawings
Setting Up a Drawing & Creating Templates
Style Manager Overview
Display Manager
Project Standards
eTransmit and Archiving Projects
Layer Keys
Importing Data

  1. Creating Conceptual Models

Mass Elements
Editing Mass Elements
Mass Groups
Converting Mass Elements to Other Object Types
Quick Slice
Creating Slice Floorplates
Napkin Sketch

  1. Documentation

Annotation Tools
AEC Dimensions
Annotation and Keynoting Tools
Elevations and View Drawings
Sections and View Drawings
Views and Detail Callouts
Spaces & Room Tags
Room Schedules
Door and Window Tags
Door & Window Schedules
Visual Audit
Sheet Set View
Multi-View Blocks
Sharing Your Drawings with an AutoCAD User


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