Getting reliable project information in front of your production team is essential as more people are involved in every project. The CADD Dash-board gives you the ability to put a webpage or document in a dockable window right inside of Revit. The Dashboard also sends data from the active Revit model to that webpage, allowing you to put fully customizable project or team specifc information right in front of your Revit users.

The benefits of the CADD Dashboard:

  • CADD Dashboard is a dockable web browser/fle viewer right inside of Revit - it becomes your permanent initial view.
  • It can push Revit project data and user information through the Dashboard; this allows dynamic web pages to display customized project-specific information.
  • The CADD Dashboard runs just like a webpage, making it immediately usable by Revit users.
  • An easy-to-use settings system can lock down settings from BIM or IT management.
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