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Casework Families



Have you been looking for some simple to use casework families, to help you quickly lay out spaces? Look no further! This showcase file contains casework category families that can be used for general planning and carried over into construction documents if desired (by utilizing detail lines in elevations). The following families are included:

  • Linear
  • Linear with waterfall edge one side
  • Linear with waterfall edge both sides
  • L-Shaped (90 degrees)
  • L-Shaped variable angle
  • U-Shaped

Each family has a type for upper/lower cabinets, and just lower cabinets.

Most of the parameters are type. The only ones that are instance are the lengths of the unit, and for the variable angle L-Shaped, the angle at the corner, and the visibility of the backsplash.

There are dimensional parameters for almost all the dimensions you would want to adjust, and three different material parameters.

General instructions for using these families is included in the showcase file as model text.

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