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FIlterPLUS for Revit

FIlterPLUS for Revit


FilterPLUS is designed to easily and immediately make your Revit using experience easier by replacing the native Filter tool with a custom built beefed-up filter.

The benefits of FilterPLUS:

  • Replaces the built in Revit Filter tool and allow users to not only filter by Category, but now by Family and Type as well
  • FilterPLUS works in an expandable window that lets you resize it to see more information, as opposed to the one size only native Filter window
  • The FilterPLUS interface is immediately understandable and easy to use by folks who have used the original Filter, but it has subtle tweaks that make it a better user experience.
  • No add-in to activate, just install FilterPLUS and it’s ready to go.

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