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Navisworks Freedom 2014 - Proficiency Plus

Navisworks Freedom 2014 - Proficiency Plus



Course Duration : 3 Hours

Using the Navisworks Freedom viewer, you can view all simulations and output saved in NWD and 3D DWF formats. Navisworks Freedom offers design professionals a means of communication by creating compressed, secure, and stream-able project review files.  Effective collaboration is achieved through easier communication of design intent, collaborative reviews of stakeholder contributions, and sharing of all results.

This video tutorial course covers all aspects of the use of this powerful free software.

 Course Outline:

1.       The Navisworks Freedom 2014 User Interface

2.       Working with Files

3.       Navigation Tools

4.       Working with Grid and Levels

5.       Controlling Realism

6.       Control Model Appearance and Render Quality

7.       Object Selection and Modification

8.       Viewpoints and Sectioning Modes








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