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Revit Families 2014 The Complete Guide

Revit Families 2014 The Complete Guide



Course Duration : 20 Hours

Revit Families 2014 gives attendees a thorough introduction to creating Revit Families - from basic 2D Symbols through to complex 3D Nested Families.

In “Introduction To Revit Families”, we go into some depth about the different Revit Families, what they are, and what they are used for.

In the second theory section, “Family Templates”, we look at all of the different Templates that come with Revit and what they are used for.

When we move onto “The 2D Family Editor Environment”, we look at the main commands that come with the 2D Ribbon Menu that we require to make 2D Symbols and Title Blocks. 

In “The 3D Family Editor Environment”, we get into looking at the commands available on the 3D Ribbon Menu. Users will be introduced to Parametric Framework, the “skeleton” that is vital for creating 3D families. 

Then it is onto “Creating Family Elements”. Users will be introduced to all of the 3D commands that they will need for creating solids and voids, with lots of hands-on exercises to develop their skills. 

In the next section, “Moving Beyond The Basics”, users will work through hands-on exercises for a variety of advanced Revit Family features, including using parametric Materials, Nested Families, Object Styles, Shared Parameters and Reporting, Visibility Display Settings, Type Catalogs, as well as more Parameter types and tools - as well as basic MEP families. 

Then users will learn about “Managing Revit Families”. This section contains good tips for properly managing Revit Families.

At the end of the course there are six (6) Bonus 2D and 3D Project Exercises where users can put all of their skills together.

Course Outline:

  1. What is a Revit Family?
  2. An Introduction to Family Templates
  3. The 2D Menu Ribbon
  4. The 3D Menu Ribbon
  5. Reference Planes - The Skeleton of Parametric Framework
  6. Dimensions and Labels (Parameters)
  7. Family Element Commands
  8. More Advanced Options
  9. Managing Revit Families
  10. Bonus Project Exercises

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