Autodesk Subscription Resources

Subscription Resources

Get started with your Autodesk subscription. Download, install, activate, and manage your subscription to Autodesk software.

Installing your Software

Installing Autodesk Desktop App

The Autodesk Desktop App is the easiest way to download, install, and activate the current software release on a single workstation.

Install from Autodesk Account

Autodesk Account provides a download, install, and activation experience similar to that of the Autodesk Desktop App, but adds the ability to install previous versions.

Autodesk Enterprise Software Guide

Whitepaper series authored by CADD Microsystems containing experience-based insights, workflows, and procedures to deploy Autodesk software across an enterprise.

Manage your Account

Update Standalone License to Single-User Subscription

Update your existing standalone software installation to a subscription with single-user access without the need to reinstall.

Assign Product Access from Autodesk Account

Give your end-users access to the Autodesk software in your portfollio by using Autodesk Account.