The CADD Toolbox brings all the great content that CADD’s experts have to offer right inside of Revit. From software utilities to educational videos, easy to search for and find tools are right within reach.

The benefits of the CADD Toolbox:

CADD Toolbox Utilities

The Utilities in the CADD Toolbox for Revit are focus-use applications that help speed up tedious Revit tasks, expose new information, or let you do things you didn’t know your Revit model could do.

BIM Manager

Project Parameters List

Collects a list of all the active project's Project Parameters and exports to a CSV. Great for seeing what parameters you have, what you need, and align your projects data needs.

Export Images

A quick and easy tool to export all a project's loaded images in only a few clicks.

Export Keynotes

Lose track of your keynote file? You can export it straight from your model to a text file that can be leveraged for a new keynote files.

Set Project Units to Imperial

This will overwrite all the project units to the default imperial setting. Useful if you started a project with the wrong template.

Set Project Units to Metric

This will overwrite all the project units to the default metric setting. Useful if you started a project with the wrong template.

Export Linestyles

Running this utility generates a CSV text file that lists the linestyles and settings in the active document. Intended for quick review.

Batch Workset Creator

Create a batch of worksets at once from a simple list of workset names in a text file.

Backup Delete

Quickly delete all standalone project and family backup files - the .0001 and .0002 files - from a folder and its subfolders

Batch Family Upgrade

Batch upgrade a folder or subfolder of RFA files to the current opened Revit version. Also lets you automatically move the upgraded files, to a new folder, add prefix or suffix.

Batch Family Preview Updater

Create a new 3D view with consistent graphics over a folder of families to set as the preview image for a consistent group of thumbnails in Windows Explorer.

Family Parameter Manager

Need to add, edit, or remove a slew of parameters to a slew of RFA files? The Family Parameter Manager can make your job easier.


Spell Check Plus

The native Revit spell check only checks the current view, or currently selected text note. This tool spell checks ALL the text notes in your entire project.

Copy Graphics Override

Copy graphic overrides from one element to another with this great utility to save you time and keep things consistent.

Center Room Tags

Clean up your drawings just a little bit by centering all your room tags with a single click.

Convert all datum from 2D to 3D in active view

Quickly set all your datum elements in your current view from 2D extents to 3D extents with a single click.

Convert all datum from 3D to 2D in active view

Quickly set all your datum elements in your current view from 3Dextents to 2Dextents with a single click.

Center Space Tags

Make your drawings look a touch nicer with a single click. Center your space tags with this easy to use tool.

Hide In All But Current View

This tool flips the "hide in current view" function on its head. Select an element with this tool will hide it in any view OTHER THAN the current view. Great for view callouts and elevation marks that are on the wrong sheets.

View Creator

Create a batch of views at once based on level and view types. Select the levels and view types you want and the utility will attempt to create them.

View From Room

Create a new plan or RCP view of every selected Room in your model based on the Type and Template you choose.

Model Cleanup

Model Group Cleanup

Time to lock down that design and send your model to the owner or contractor? Help clean it up with this tool that explodes all model groups and purges their definition from model.

Detail Group Cleanup

Detail groups can be problematic in a Revit file. This tool will explode any placed detail group and purge their definition from your project.

Remove non-placed Spaces

Left over unplaced spaces will get removed from your model with one click by using this utility.

Remove non-placed Rooms

Remove unplaced rooms from your model with this tool.

Remove Unused View Templates

Removes any View Templates that are not assigned to a view or set as a default for a view type.

Remove View Reference Text

Removes all View Reference text, like Sim, from the View Types in the current Revit model.

Model Manager

Add up DIM segments

Dimension rounding in segments can lead to incorrect values in overall dimensions. This tool will add up the dimension segments for a selected dimension string and report what the real value is so you can double check your dimension rounding.

Reset Dim

Overridden dimensions can lead to incorrect construction. Incorrect construction can lead to change orders. Change orders can lead to extra costs. Help avoid the dark side of overridden dimensions with this tool that will reset any overridden dimensions of the selected dimension element.

Reset All DIMS

Overriding dimensions can be bad BIM. This tool resets all the overridden dimensions in the active view back to their default reported length, angle, etc.

Highlight Overridden DIM

Want to see which dimensions in a view are overridden? This tool updates the dimension string with a new color to bring it to your attention.

Sample Line Style View

Want to know all the line styles in your project file? With one click this tool will create a view and generate a sample of each line style for reference.

Sample Filled Region View

Get a reference view of all the filled region types in your model with a single click by running this useful utility.

Isolate Warning Elements

Quickly isolate elements in the current view that have a Warning associated with them. This simple to use tool is great to track down problem elements and keep your model healthy.

In-place Family List

Get help tracking down any in-place family in your model by running this tool.

Sample Text View

Creates a drafting view with a sample of every note style in the project to review and update easily.

Parameter Push

Copy the value of a Type or Instance parameter from an element placed in your model to a different Instance paramter in the same element.

Family Export

Save RFAs out of your Revit project. Select the categories you want and the target folder and this tool will save the family files.

Rooms to Areas

Create Areas from already placed Rooms in your Revit model based on the Area Plan's level and phase.

Sample Linear Dimension View

Creates a drafting view with a sample of every linear dim style in the project to review and update easily.

View Info Export

Export an Excel report of view, view type, view templates, views on sheets, and view filters for easy review and reference.

Pin Cushion


Pin every view on every sheet with just one click.

Viewports on Current Sheet

Pin all the views on the current active sheet with a single click.


Pin ever level in your model quickly and easily with this tool.


Pin all your grids with just a single click by using this utility.

Exterior Walls

All instances of walls whose type is marked as Exterior will be pinned.

Scope Boxes

Easily pin all your project's Scope Boxes with a single click.

Linked RVT Files

All Revit models linked into the active model will get pinned.

Linked DWG Files

Just like the RVT Pin utility, but this one will pin linked AutoCAD files.

Link Assist

Reload all DWGs

Just one click to reload all your linked DWGs in your model. Saves time and makes sure all your references are up to date. (Revit 2018 and up)

Reload All Images

Update a lot of image files that need to be reloaded? This tool will do it all with a single click. (Revit 2018 and up)


Export Selected Schedules

Exporting schedules from your model is a great way to share information with team members who don't use Revit. This tool makes that process easier by letting you select schedules to export at once.

Add Text to Empty Door Parameters

Add a piece of text to any blank text field in all your door parameters.

Add Text to Empty Space Parameters

Add a piece of text to any blank text field in all your space parameters.

Add Text to Empty Room Parameters

Add a piece of text to any blank text field in all your room parameters.

Text Tools

View Titles to Upper

Quickly update all the view titles on sheets to UPPER CASE with a single click.

Sheet Names to Upper

Update all your sheet names to UPPER CASE with one click using this utility.

Room Names to Upper

Need to hunt down all the room names that weren't done in UPPER CASE and update them? This tool does it for you with one click.

Space Names to Upper

Update all the space names in your model to UPPER CASE with this utility.

Room Names to Title Case

Change all your room names to Title Case quickly and easily with this utility.

Space Names to Title Case

Convert your space names to Title Case by using this tool.

Text Notes to Upper

Someone working on your project forget that text notes should all be UPPER CASE? This tool will update all the text notes with just one click.