Classification Manager for Revit
Easily manage your classification system data for elements in Revit
The Autodesk Revit Classification Manager from CADD Microsystems is a user-friendly add-in for Revit that allows you to easily organize and manage your classification data across all your Revit models, no matter which system you need. In addition, all the classification data used in this process is accessed from an included Excel spreadsheet that is fully editable.


Key Features

  • Quickly Assign Multiple Classifications to your elements all at once
  • Filter the list of available values based on the Revit family category
  • A Robust Database is included with several major classification systems and mappings across each
  • Choose whether to apply the value for just the one classification system or all of them to the selected elements
  • Choose whether to only fill in blank data fields or overwrite all fields, even if data is present