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Autodesk® Factory Design Suite includes planning, design, analysis, and presentation software to help you discover and communicate the most efficient layout solution by creating a digital model of your factory. Part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, Factory Design Suite offers unique factory-specific functionality in AutoCAD® and Autodesk® Inventor® software combined with powerful visualization and analysis tools to help improve collaboration and innovation earlier in the design process.

Increase design productivity and layout efficiency.
  • Build 3D factory models to find the optimal layout.
  • Convert 2D drawings into 3D layout models, and integrate reusable 3D models of machine and facility content to try different layout scenarios digitally.
  • Take advantage of 2D/3D bidirectional associativity to reduce errors. Because 2D drawings are associative to the 3D factory layout model, they automatically update whenever layout design changes.
  • Convert process models into 2D layouts to seamlessly transition from planning to layout. 
  • Create installation drawings directly from a validated and optimized digital factory model, and take advantage of modern laser scanning workflows.
Reduce costs by analyzing and optimizing layouts before building.
  • Use process simulation capabilities to identify bottlenecks and capacity issues early in the design process.
  • Analyze and optimize existing 2D AutoCAD layouts, and determine the best location of production equipment for efficient material flow to help minimize costs.
  • Detect space constraints and equipment collision before they become problems on-site.
  • Help reduce delays and sequencing problems by simulating construction schedules and logistics to analyze project activities.
Improve collaboration and win more business by visually communicating your layout ideas.
  • Spend less time in the presale phase when creating bidding layouts and proposals with easy-to-use 3D visual layout models that enable you drag and drop factory assets to quickly accommodate changing customer requests.
  • Communicate ideas and build factory layout proposals in 3D with high-quality renderings and visualizations.
  • Explore factory layouts with interactive 3D virtual walk-throughs and fly-throughs.
  • Include models from suppliers in your layout regardless of CAD format, shrink-wrapping and stripping them of intellectual property details.
Take advantage of cloud-based factory asset resources and efficient factory asset creation workflows.
  • Design, share, reuse, and protect smart factory assets.
  • Use Inventor to create intelligent 3D models of custom factory equipment, or automate customization of commonly used assemblies.
  • Access an extensive library of out-of-the-box 2D factory objects and 3D parametric factory content that can be resized and reused such as conveyors, robots, and material-handling equipment.
  • Access the asset library on the cloudcontent can be seamlessly updated as new content becomes available.
  • Access manufacturer-specific content such as robot catalogs from Motoman, ABB, and conveyor catalogs from Hytrol.
  • Use online web services for asset publishing and translation to easily upload and share asset models with the Factory Design Suite user community.