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Autodesk® Product Design Suite is a comprehensive solution for Digital Prototyping, delivering 2D and 3D design, visualization, and simulation tools to help you complete your product development process. The Digital Prototyping capabilities of Product Design Suite can help you innovate, get to market faster, reduce development cost, and make great products.

Drive innovation with purpose-built tools that are built for Digital Prototyping
  • Develop more innovative designs by smoothly transferring information through applications, with workflows tailored to the demands of each phase of the product development process
  • Develop, optimize, and validate engineering concepts quickly and easily with integrated tools built for simulation and visualization
  • Incorporate complete electrical and mechanical designs within a single digital model
Improve product quality with comprehensive workflows and cloud services
  • Improve design quality and reliability with integrated simulation tools
  • Reduce the risk of error with comprehensive workflows that automatically transfer design intent throughout the design process
  • Achieve better sustainability by evaluating and selecting low-cost, low-impact materials
Gain more control of your engineering data with integrated data management
  • Avoid costly duplication of efforts by using a single source of design data throughout all stages of your workflow
  • Effectively control, manage, and share digital prototypes with design teams, customers, and suppliers
Communicate design ideas using engineering data to sell your products
  • Use design data to create high-impact visual presentations
  • Stand apart from your competition with photorealistic renderings and cinematic-quality animations
  • Drive sales by visually demonstrating design concepts to customers