Training Details

Training Dates: 
Thursday, August 12, 2021
9:00am – 4:30pm
1 Day
AutoCAD® 2019-2022 Level I (or equivalent) ...or... 6-12 months continuous AutoCAD® 2019-2022 experience
Intermediate / Advanced
Who Can Benefit From This Class: 
Experienced AutoCAD® users who need to learn about the 3D tools in AutoCAD®

This information-packed, one-day class introduces attendees to the tools and techniques required to view, create, and manipulate three-dimensional (3D) objects in AutoCAD®. Students will develop an understanding of the 3D drawing environment and learn to create 3D forms using multiple methods. This class is focused on the modeling aspect of 3D geometry and does not cover materials, lighting or rendering. A knowledge of basic AutoCAD commands and techniques is required. 

Introduction to 3D

The 3D Modeling Workspace
Types of 3D Models
Navigating and Displaying 3D Models
Orbiting your 3D Model

Generating 3D Models from 2D Geometry

Choosing a Model Creation Method
Extrude and Presspull
Revolves and Sweeps

Creating 3D Geometry

Working with Solid Primitives
Union, Subtract, and Intersect 
Checking Interference
Introduction to Working with Point Clouds

Working in 3D

Cartesian Coordinate System
Changing the Coordinate System Dynamically
Changing the Model Position
View Cube and Steering Wheels

Editing Models

Fillet and Chamfer

Model Documentation

Using View Creation Tools
Using Section Creation Tools
Introduction to Point Cloud Importation

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This class comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, provides AIA/CES Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s), and each student receives a certificate of accomplishment.