Training Details

Training Dates: 
Thursday, February 13, 2020
9:00am – 4:30pm
1 Day
Revit 2017-2020 Level I (or equivalent) plus 3 months continuous Revit experience, or at least 6 months continuous Revit 2017-2020 experience
Intermediate / Advanced
Who Can Benefit From This Class: 
Current Revit professionals interested in tackling more advanced topics, as well as aspiring model managers and other Revit users heavily involved in the creation of the model

Creating a complete Autodesk Revit® virtual model is the foundation of any successful project and in this course you will delve deeper into the “building” portion of BIM (Building Information Modeling). These advanced techniques will take your model to the next level, allowing a more detailed and integrated project. In this one-day, hands-on course, you can focus on specific topics and learn tips and strategies on how to effectively leverage your model for a more complete and easy to manage set of construction documents.

Modeling to the Next Level

Using Profiles and Sweeps to add detail to your model, including integrating these objects into your wall types
Adding articulation to your roof edge by way of Soffits, Fasciae, and Gutters
Detailing surfaces using the Split Face and Paint tools to easily add multiple materials to a single plane

Advanced Components

General In-Place Component Family strategies and best practices for when to use and how to create them
Alternative ways to use elements, including using tools such as Curtain Walls and Sweeps in “off label” applications

Site Tools

Learn how to generate Topography and edit to include various materials, building Pads and site elements such as Retaining Walls, Property Lines, Parking, and Railings

Phasing and Design Options

Learn about the ability of Revit to show various Phases of a project and how to display element correctly
Leverage Design Options to quickly work out design scenarios and present them clearly

Modeling for Construction

Using Assemblies to better group related elements into single units that can be tagged, scheduled, and detailed as one
Dividing elements into their Parts to independently schedule, tag, filter, and export them

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This class comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, provides AIA/CES Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s), and each student receives a certificate of accomplishment.