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Our Mission / Vision / Values

CADD’s culture is relentlessly focused on creating an outstanding customer and employee experience

We're often told we show this culture in the way we work with our employees, and advocate for our customers to prioritize their business outcomes. We foster deep relationships with our customers and partners to creatively develop solutions that drive business growth, efficiency and sustainability.

Our vision is to improve the world

And we do this by empowering all of our customers to achieve their purpose. If you are wondering if this means you and your organization… the answer is yes!

Our mission is to deliver technology, process, and people innovations that ensure success, build trusted partnerships, and facilitate educational opportunities, all while providing a delightful experience for customers and employees.

Our core values drive everything we do:

Employees First

Customer Success


Continual Innovation


Financial Responsibility

We’d love the opportunity to work together and show you how our approach is different & successful for our customers.