ARKANCE and its Subsidiary U.S. CAD, Acquire CADD Microsystems. Read the announcement.
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ARKANCE and its Subsidiary U.S. CAD, Acquire CADD Microsystems, and Extend Leadership and Coverage as a National Player in the USA

Apr 9th, 2024

April 9, 2024, PARIS, France & IRVINE, California – ARKANCE and its subsidiary U.S. CAD in the United States, a leading provider of technology and services to the architecture, engineering, construction, and owner-operator (AECO) industry, today announced the acquisition of CADD Microsystems, a United States-based consulting and software firm specializing in the design, build, and operate industries, and an Autodesk and Bluebeam Platinum Partner headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.

This acquisition reinforces U.S. CAD’s position as the leading provider of AECO technology and value-added services in the United States while significantly strengthening ARKANCE as the global leader in comprehensive digitalization solutions and value-added services for the AECO and manufacturing industries. Additionally, this acquisition empowers AECO and manufacturing organizations across the United States to achieve higher levels of digitalization and innovation. They can now leverage an all-in-one partner with unparalleled experience, deep domain expertise, local and global reach, an unmatched state-of-the-art technology portfolio, exceptional value-added consulting and professional services, world-class customer success, and technical support.

By integrating the aligned vision of CADD Microsystems - its tenured employees and decades of industry leadership - with U.S. CAD and ARKANCE, customers will continue to enjoy the innovative experience and relationships of a local technology partner, backed by the additional reach and support of a global partner. The alliance of ARKANCE, U.S. CAD, and CADD Microsystems embodies a Better Together approach that will advance the entire industry ecosystem of customers and partners.

This major acquisition will result in ARKANCE nearly doubling its gross revenue in the United States while expanding its global reach. Since its creation in 2018, ARKANCE has become the leading global Autodesk and Bluebeam Partner, with 1,300 employees in 18 countries.

“Combining with exceptional companies to strengthen our capabilities and provide superior services and support to customers and the industry, particularly during a time of unprecedented transformation, is core to the future of our business. CADD Microsystems has an incredibly talented team, an impressive roster of customers, and excellent industry leadership. As a combined group, U.S. CAD and CADD Microsystems, we have coverage from coast to coast in the USA. We welcome the CADD Microsystems team to our ARKANCE family as we embark on our next phase of growth to deliver stronger expertise and greater value to our public and private sector customers,” said Daniel Counts, CEO, U.S. CAD, and EVP, ARKANCE Americas.

"ARKANCE has developed the critical mass to develop sophisticated solutions responding completely to complex customer requirements. This acquisition enhances our ability to deliver them in close interaction with our customers all over the United States and 17 other countries across the world. Our ambition is to be a trusted partner for our customers' digital transformation by enabling them to balance quality, environmental impact, and profitability. We rely on an international team of industry experts who understand the challenges of an ever-changing digital environment," said Greg Arranz, CEO, ARKANCE.

“We chose to combine forces with ARKANCE and U.S. CAD to create and pursue opportunities that only the combination of our companies could capitalize on,” said Jeff Gravatte, CEO, CADD Microsystems. “By leveraging our common and unique strengths, and our aligned culture, we are creating an industry-leading force that will be unrivaled in North America. The synergy that our combined companies create is astounding. With our mutual strength in AECO solutions, U.S. CAD’s west coast presence, and our east coast presence and dominant position in the government space, we are poised to deliver an even more valuable experience to our customers. With the commonality of our company cultures - focused on the employee, customer, and partner experiences - we couldn’t be more confident in our collective ability to lead our customers’ efforts to transform their businesses.”


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CADD Microsystems is a consulting and software firm specializing in all phases of the building lifecycle. We are a nationally recognized authority for technology solutions in the design, build, and operate industry, and have more than 30 years of industry experience. We are an Autodesk Platinum Partner, a Bluebeam Platinum Partner, an FM:Systems Certified Partner, a Global eTraining Partner, and one of the largest providers of Autodesk products and services to the Federal government and commercial firms. Let us help you achieve your business goals today and show you why we’ve earned industry-leading, best-in-class client satisfaction scores. Learn more at

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U.S. CAD, An ARKANCE Company, is a leading provider of AECO technology, value-added services, and an Autodesk and Bluebeam Platinum Partner, helping organizations of all sizes leverage digitalization to win more work for their businesses, deliver better project outcomes, and improve sustainability. Acquired in June 2023 by ARKANCE, a leading global digitalization partner for the AECO and manufacturing industries and developer of the Be.Smart software portfolio, U.S. CAD aims to empower customers across North America with innovative technology and services to build a better world. To learn more, visit or

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ARKANCE has a mission to lead the Manufacturing and Construction industries in digital transformation. By partnering with global technology leaders and developing complementary IP solutions, ARKANCE optimizes its customers’ projects through all phases of the life cycle. ARKANCE was founded in 2018. Fueled by its innovative Partner to Build Smarter strategy, ARKANCE combines its purpose-built Be.Smart software portfolio and expert professional services with solutions from a network of world-class technology partners. With over 1,300 employees spread throughout 50 locations worldwide in 18 countries, ARKANCE is a recognized leader in digital transformation. Learn more at