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Twelve Days of CADD Care | Day Eleven: A way to standardize groups in Dynamo!

Nick SipesDecember 15th, 2023

On the eleventh day of CADD Care, the CADD team gave to me… a Dynamo tip!

Starting in Dynamo 2.14, which means Revit 2023 and later, you can have Group Styles. This provides an easy way to make sure groups that are being used in the same ways have the same graphic language. For example, OOTB Input groups color Pink with a 36pt font, while Outputs color Orange. To apply a style to an existing group right-click and go to the sub-menu “Group Styles”, then select the style you want.


You are unable to change the default 4 styles, but you can create your own by clicking the “Add Style” button. These custom group styles are saved in the DynamoSettings.xml file located at %appdata%\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit[Dynamo Version].


Check back next week to see what other tips and tricks the CADD team has in store for the remaining Twelve Fourteen Days of CADD Care.

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