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A360 Team Is NowBIM 360Team and/or Fusion Team

Jason KunkelSeptember 23rd, 2016

The cloud project hosting and management service formerly known as A360 Team has gotten a name change. Teams that work on and manage AEC projects are now working in BIM 360 Team, and Fusion Team is the new destination for product design and manufacturing teams.

Currently, there is no difference in functionality, but the expectation is that now that they are two different resources there may be some future changes that align with industry-specific needs.

Let's be sure to clarify that A360 is not going anywhere. A360 (not Team) is Autodesk's cloud-based offering that gives a virtual workspace to share design and design related files. The Team sites have more features beyond file sharing and viewing, including the ability to leverage Collaboration for Revit, online calendars, and other cloud-based collaboration tools.

If you currently have A360 Team Hubs, they will still function as before. Autodesk will be migrating current teams to a new team of their choice in the future. We'll definitely let everyone know when those changes happen.

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