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ACC products are now included in Autodesk Reporting

Matthew HarrakaJanuary 18th, 2024

Autodesk continues to enhance the reporting capabilities in the Autodesk Account, and we love to see it! The most recent update has been the addition of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) products in product and user reporting (let’s all give a collective YAY).

The ACC data has now been seamlessly integrated into the Usage Report and Seat Usage pages. Here are some tips on how to navigate and understand this new data:


Similarly to how you can view details and see what products are used within a Collection, you can view what modules and features are used within an ACC product. For example, if you have users assigned to BIM Collaborate Pro, you can see how many people on your team are using Revit Cloud Worksharing or Collaboration for Civil 3D.


This can be helpful if you are new to the ACC and want to monitor the adoption of the new workflows and processes within the Cloud. For example, if you have implemented a new workflow with the cost module within ACC, you can track the adoption of it with your users.


To view if a user has accessed a module within BIM Collaborate Pro such as Revit Cloud Worksharing, select the user and a pop-up will show the breakdown of days used with the days used for each module.


While you can view the different modules and features used by your users within a product, in the Usage Report page you cannot filter by those features as you can by products. For example, if you’d like to view who of your users are using Revit Cloud Worksharing within BIM Collaborate Pro, you would need to select Filter > Products > BIM Collaborate Pro > Apply. This will then show you a list of users who have accessed BIM Collaborate Pro.

6.png Autodesk released the ACC data in December to all customers in the Autodesk Account reporting. Autodesk included data from October 10, 2023, when it was added to the account. We have found some inaccuracies in the data from October to November across our customers, but December moving forward has proven to be accurate.


When in the By User section you can select a user and you can view their specific modules usage and trends within a product. This is consistent with the way you can view all other products a user is assigned.


You can customize the columns in your Usage Report for the data that is most important to you. You can select Columns at the top right of the user list and select the information you’d like in your results. One Column that is not typically automatically added in this report but I believe is very useful is the Last Accessed column. This data point allows you to easily identify users who have Never Accessed a product as well as the last day they accessed the product. I find this to be a handy way to easily identify users to remove if your assignments are at capacity and you need to free up seats for new users.

Token Usage Tokens are still not applicable for any ACC products, so you will not see any ACC products reflected in the Token Usage reporting page.

Our customer success team offers Autodesk Reporting Onboardings to help understand the reporting capabilities within the Autodesk Account and how admins can use it to understand optimize their licenses.

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