Tech Tour: Advanced Schedules in Revit

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Getting excited here to teach everyone about some cool new features in scheduling that are new in Revit 2017 and some old tricks that will help you harness the power of schedules even more than ever before!

  • Learn about how you can use each of the schedule types – schedule/quantities, material takeoffs, sheet lists, note blocks, and view lists – to streamline your projects and reduce errors.
  • Learn about enhancements in 2017 such as better view templates and combining columns.
  • Learn how to use your schedules to help you with your design, with calculated values and conditional formatting.
  • And lastly think outside the box and discover some new ways of using schedules.

Hope to see you there!


Can't make it to the Tech Tour?

Check out Purvi’s Whitepaper on using Revit for Existing Buildings.

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