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Ask Us Anything: AEC Panel Discussion - Round 2

Kelli MarakovitsMay 20th, 2020

The Ask Us Anything panelists are gearing up for a second round of Q&As! Is there a software issue that has you stumped? Want to learn more about our recommendations for collaborating while working from home? Have a question about layers, families or building information modeling? Let us help! Bring all your questions to the second Ask Us Anything: AEC Virtual Panel Discussion on Wednesday, June 3 at 2pm. Our CADD technical experts and support team are teaming up again to address any and all your software questions. We’ll provide the answers you need – straight from our home to yours!

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You’ll be able to ask questions live during the panel discussion, but if you have any questions you want to submit in advance, ask them here. Also please know that any questions we aren’t able to answer during the webinar, we’ll be sure to respond to individually.


Jason Kunkel, Senior Practice Manager, Architecture
Jason has worked across the design and technology spectrum of the AEC industry for more than 20 years. After graduating from the University of Virginia School of Architecture, he began his career as an architectural designer for a major mid-Atlantic architecture and engineering firm specializing in large, public sector projects. Discovering a passion and aptitude for technology, he migrated to the IT world, spending more than a decade as the Director of Information Technology where he applied that passion to help architects and engineers leverage BIM technology in new and innovative ways.

At CADD Microsystems, Jason applies his knowledge and experience to help a wider range of clients achieve the same goals. At home, he has cleaned the attic for the first time in years, tried to learn how to knit with questionable results, and has spearheaded a multi-genre film fest.

Marissa Gagne, Senior Practice Manager, Infrastructure
Marissa is the Practice Manager for Civil and Infrastructure at CADD Microsystems. Marissa graduated from Virginia Tech with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering. She has been working with Autodesk products for over 20 years, specializing in the Civil and GIS solutions, and she has been working with CADD Microsystems for over 15 years. Before coming to CADD, she worked for a number of reputable civil firms in Virginia providing CAD support to transportation, utility, land development, mapping, and GIS projects. At CADD Microsystems, Marissa’s responsibilities include managing the Civil Team, performing product demonstrations, teaching classes, giving seminars and workshops, and performing consulting for many Autodesk products such as Civil 3D, Land Desktop, Map 3D and Raster Design.

In her spare time Marissa enjoys playing tennis, decorating cakes, singing, and spending time with her family (one of these she can’t really do right now, and the other one she’s doing a little bit too much of right now).  She is a big VT Football fan and a crazy Capitals fan.  She has a 9-year-old daughter who loves to build Lego sets and play tennis (you know, when the tennis courts aren’t closed) and a 4-year-old son who is a destructive force but gives the best hugs in the world.

Purvi Gandhi Irwin, Practice Manager, Architecture
Purvi supports professionals across all disciplines with BIM technologies, which includes teaching Revit, creating content, developing workflows and standards, troubleshooting issues, and finding creative solutions to both design and modeling problems. She has 15+ years of experience, most spent as a preservation project architect, where she specialized in using innovative technologies to facilitate the documentation and rehabilitation of institutional buildings, and 12+ years of Revit experience working with existing buildings (most historic), from conceptual design, through construction administration and project close-out. Purvi is also an active advocate for information sharing, presenting at both BILTna and Autodesk University. While working from home, Purvi says she has required some new skills like building families while breaking up preschooler fights, writing an email with a kid who “just wants a hug” hanging off her, and figuring out just the right tone that’s not yelling to get kids to just go to bed already (she’s still working on that one).
Chris Lindo, Applications Specialist
Working from 550sqft apartment won’t keep Chris down! Chris focuses on a wide range of clients looking to implement new engineering technology with a focus of Autodesk products and services. With experience as a BIM Manager, Chris uses his skills and knowledge to build upon the practices and standards his clients already have in place. Chris takes his role as an educator seriously; embarking on the never-ending quest to build better relationships with his clients and their projects. When he isn’t busy with work you’ll see him strolling around our nation’s capital.
Eden Davis, CADD Care Program Manager
Eden is our CADD Care Program Manager and assists our customers with day to day helpdesk needs. She plans and executes the great programs we deliver through our support services both internally and externally. She started working with Autodesk software in college making games and now has over six years of tech support and leadership experience. As for fun facts, Eden is a lover of dogs, Summer and grilling rare steaks. When she’s not working, she can be found practicing social distancing in the woods and empty beaches, abandoned buildings and at home playing the FFVII Remake.


T.J. Meehan, Vice President of Technology Solutions
As an expert and thought leader in the AEC industry around BIM (Building Information Modeling) and FM (Facilities Management), T.J. assists architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners with successfully implementing technologies related to design, build and operate. As an experienced multi-tasker and work-from-homer, he now also assists two kids with their homeschooling, keeps the house clean, plays with the dog, and cooks some mean fajitas. He loves this new normal!

We're excited for the second round of Q&As and hope you’ll join us for the virtual panel discussion on June 3. Gather your best questions and get the snacks ready!

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