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AutoCAD 2013 Service Pack 1.1 Released

CADD MicrosystemsSeptember 10th, 2012

Autodesk has released version 1.1 of their initial service pack for AutoCAD 2013. This updated service pack replaces the initial 1.0 version that was previously withdrawn by Autodesk. This service pack includes several updates and fixes including:

  • Autodesk 360: User log-in, syncing issues, and more.
  • Plotting to PDF: Occasional crashing, wipeouts plot black, and more.
  • DGN Support: Stability issues, seed file Global Origin included.
  • Dimensions: QLeaders lost when edited, perpendicular dimensions shifting, and more.
  • Selection Sets: Issues with shift window selections.

There are a long list of fixes in this service pack. As with all Autodesk updates, CADD recommends reading the Readme documentation prior to installation.

Additionally, this Service Pack adds a new startup switch and system variables which include:

  • /nolisp Startup Switch: Start AutoCAD with this switch to disable AutoLISP execution in the current AutoCAD session, including all LSP, FAS, and VLX files.
  • LISPENABLED (System Variable): Indicates whether AutoLISP is enabled for the current AutoCAD session.
  • AUTOLOAD (System Variable): Controls whether AutoCAD autoloads acad.lsp/fas/vlx, acaddoc.lsp/fas/vlx, acad.dvb files.
  • AUTOLOADPATH (System Variable): Controls the folder from where AutoCAD loads acad.lsp/fas/vlx, acaddoc.lsp/fas/vlx, acad.dvb files.

The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of this service pack can be downloaded from:

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