AutoCAD 2018.0.2 Update Released

AutoCAD 2018 Update
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Addressing several recently identified defects, Autodesk released what’s being labeled as 2018.0.2 update for AutoCAD 2018. Labeled by Autodesk with a High severity, CADD recommends users of AutoCAD and all AutoCAD-based applications install this update immediately. Some of the specific defects addressed in this update include AutoLISP files not loading, plotting errors with wipeouts or masks, errors when right-clicking in block editor, annotation scaling issues with multiline attributes, the opening of DXF files, and a few other things. You can see everything included in this update from the Readme documentation.

You can get this update from either the Autodesk Account website or the Autodesk Desktop Application. The desktop application is probably easiest if you’re updating AutoCAD on your own machine, whereas downloading the update from Autodesk Account will likely be the preferred method for IT/CAD management teams updating several workstations.

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