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Quickly Automate Repetitive AutoCAD Tasks with Action Macro's

CADD MicrosystemsJune 22nd, 2016

I was recently working with a client who asked me for help automating repetitive tasks. The client was very proficient in AutoCAD - but not a programmer. That meant things like LISP and other programming languages were a nonstarter. Unfortunately, automation and coding go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The good news is AutoCAD includes a tool purpose-built for automatons. That tool is the Action Macro Recorder. With it you can automate many everyday tasks without learning to code. Just record yourself doing the task, and the Action Recorder will let you play it back later.

Automating with Action Macro's

In the video above I was looking to automate some drawing maintenance tasks I do regularly. To begin creating a new Action Macro, I simply clicked the big Record button on the Action Recorder panel of the Manage Ribbon tab. From there I performed my typical maintenance tasks; running the PURGE and AUDIT commands. Once complete, I provided a name for the macro and it was then available for any drawing I work on.

Action Macros are an incredible tool for automating many everyday AutoCAD tasks. Beyond automating drawing maintenance tasks, other clients have automated plotting and eTransmit procedures with Action Macros. Are you using Action Macros? Let us know some of Action Macros you've created in the comments below.

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