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Autodesk 360 Rendering Overview

CADD MicrosystemsApril 29th, 2013

The 2014 portfolio of Autodesk products are here, and this year it's not just the desktop applications that have received an update. In addition to its conventional desktop products, Autodesk has also updated many of its Autodesk 360 cloud computing services. Among these are several new features for the Autodesk 360 Rendering service.

These new features include:

  • Expanded the maximum resolution to 4000 x 4000 pixels.
  • Ability to create alpha (transparency) channels in your renderings.
  • New Illuminance rendering type available within Autodesk Revit.

Beyond these new features, the video above outlines several changes to the Autodesk 360 benefits provided to Autodesk Subscription customers, as well as the way those benefits are metered. More specifically, Autodesk Subscription customers now receive 100 Cloud Credits for each license (LT products excluded) they have on subscription. Autodesk Subscription customers can use these Cloud Credits for various Autodesk 360 services including Autodesk 360 Rendering.

The Autodesk 360 Rendering service is now metered based on the type, quality, and resolution of the image you choose to render. Put simply, a high resolution, presentation-quality rendering will cost more Cloud Credits than a low resolution, draft-quality rendering.

Autodesk 360 Rendering can now create 4 types of renderings including Basic (still), Solar Study, Panorama, and Illuminance renderings. The Cloud Credits required for each of these is based on the resolution of your image in megapixels. You can calculate the resolution of an image in megapixels (MP) by multiplying its length x its width in pixels. As an example, the popular HD resolution of 1280 pixels x 720 pixels equals 921,600 pixels, or 0.92 megapixels (MP).


The breakdown of Cloud Credit usage by rendering type is as follows:

Basic Renderings


Standard Quality

Final Quality

0 MP – 1 MPFREE1 Credit / MP
Over 1 MP1/2 Credit / MP1 Credit / MP

Solar Studies & Panoramas


Standard Quality

Final Quality

Any1/4 Credit / MP1/2 Credit / MP

Resolution Standard Quality Final Quality

Any 1/4 Credit / MP 1/2 Credit / MP

Illuminance Renderings



Any1 Credit / MP

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