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Autodesk Construction Cloud – New Correspondence Tool Release (UPDATED)

Matthew HarrakaMay 18th, 2023

UPDATE 5/24/2023: This is now released as Public Beta. Read about it here: BUILD Help | About Correspondence | Autodesk

Coming soon, the Autodesk Construction Cloud will have a new feature that allows teams in Build or BIM Collaborate Pro to communicate directly through the Construction Clouds Web interface. The new tool, called Correspondence, centralizes emails in the cloud. This allows teams to store important emails in one place, which adds a barrier to the potential lose of information.

A common requirement on many projects is to archive email traffic or even make reference to other pieces of data in relation to the subject matter or whatever incident occurred. In my past, this usually meant saving emails manually in bulk every so often to a hard drive, central server, thumb drive, you know the drill. There also are those automatic plugins but they come with their own set of configurations and directions and are far from “automatic”…we all know it.

Enter the Autodesk Correspondence tool, its as easy as adding in your unique Project Email Address to your recipient line in outlook.


OR just create a message in the app itself.


In the clip above I was able to reference an Issue from within Autodesk Construction Cloud to an email thread about, gasp, yes that exact Issue.

Be on the lookout for this over the next month as it comes out of Private Beta to Public Beta, and part of the standard Build, BIM Collab, and BIM Collaborate Pro features. Once the email is up in the cloud you can reply to the thread from within the app as well as add attachments and references to other information in the Hub.

gif 3.gif

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