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How to Configure Local Licensing for Autodesk Products

Allen LevySeptember 12th, 2019

This video will walk you through the steps to activate "local licensing" on your laptop or computer. A local license setup is very similar to a network license model. In a network license setup, you configure a server with a special application that hosts and shares licenses from a license file. Users "check out" licenses from the configured license pool when they start an application.

A local license model is almost identical except that instead of a network license server, the license software is installed and configured on each individual workstation. This can be useful when provisioning network servers is problematic, or there are networking issues making connecting to a central server or the Internet an issue.

There are a series of steps, shortcuts, and useful utilities described in the video that will help you set up and use your local licenses. If you need further assistance, you can contact us at 800.526.CADD (2233) or by completing the short form here.

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