Bundle IDs to Deploy Autodesk and BIM 360 Mobile Apps

Deploying Autodesk and BIM 360 Mobile Apps
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The industry continues to adopt BIM 360 applications and cloud storage solutions. Along with desktop/laptop applications, there are a number of iOS applications that serve users. Essentially, for every BIM 360 solution, there is an app to download. From BIM 360 Team to BIM 360 Ops, each application must be downloaded and installed for the user.

In order to save time, Apple allows a developer to create deployments and push these applications automatically to iOS devices. Each app contains a “Bundle ID” which points the device to the correct app to download. Once located, the app is installed on the device without the user having to search for the specific app in the iTunes store.

In order for an organization to create a deployment for iOS devices, you should follow these steps HERE. Once followed, you will specify the Bundle IDs for the applications you wish to push in the deployment. Below is a list of Autodesk Apps and their Bundle IDs.

AutoCAD Mobile App

AutoCAD: com.autodesk.autocadws

Fusion 360 Mobile App

Fusion 360: com.autodesk.ios.fusion360

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Mobile App

Fusion LifeCycle: com.autodesk.ios.plm360

BIM 360 Team Mobile App

BIM 360 Team: com.autodesk.ios.bim360team

BIM 360 Docs Mobile App

BIM 360 Docs: com.autodesk.ios.bim360documents

BIM 360 Field Mobile App

BIM 360 Field: com.velasystems.mobile

BIM 360 Glue Mobile App

BIM 360 Glue: com.autodesk.ios.bim360glue

BIM 360 Ops Mobile App

BIM 360 Ops: com.autodesk.ios.building-ops

BIM 360 Layout Mobile App

BIM 360 Layout: com.autodesk.ios.bim360layout

BIM 360 Plan Mobile App

BIM 360 Plan: com.autodesk.ios.bim360plan

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