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Autodesk New Admin Activity Log

Mike MottyNovember 16th, 2023

When I was younger, I always thought of a log as a journal a captain on a ship would use to record important information about their vessel, navigation, and the weather. Today I am going to talk about a different – but equally important - type of log. Autodesk has released their new Admin Activity Log, an improvement to the admin experience within your Autodesk Account.  The new Admin Activity Log is similar to a captain’s log because they both are used to record activity, help with your user management plan, and to run a tight ship.


This team activity log allows all admins to view and search a history of admin activity related to teams, users, and assignments.  This new feature will enable admins to support their users quickly and easily by tracking the history of their activity in their Team. This includes:

  • Product assignments
  • Role assignments
  • Subscription changes
  • Adding and removing users from groups and teams

In the past, admins had to contact Autodesk Customer Support in order to find out what changes were made to the teams they manage, and by whom. Now, admins have access to a clear and searchable log of who made changes and when, including when an admin:

  • Invites and adds a user
  • Assigns or un-assigns products to a user
  • Deletes a user from a team.

The log also displays all activities that an admin performs to manage their Autodesk Account settings, including Single Sign On changes and active directory group sync for Premium Plan customers.

A few other important things to know about the Activity Log:

  • The activity logs are stored for a maximum of one year and then deleted
  • Events are handled according to the sequence in which they are received
  • You cannot currently export data from the Activity Log

Autodesk will continue to enhance the Activity Log and is planning to include more activities in the future. These future activities include resending invitations to Autodesk team members and events coming from hubs and projects associated with your Autodesk team. All things that can help ensure “smooth sailing” with your Autodesk Account management.

Want to learn more about the Activity Log and other reporting capabilities in the Autodesk Account? All CADD customers can schedule an Autodesk Account Reporting Onboarding call with me, to make sure you can leverage the power of the data available to you for your Autodesk users!

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