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CADD on the Road – Autodesk University Las Vegas 2018

Kelli MarakovitsOctober 31st, 2018

Our flights are booked and we're ready to go! We're hopping on a plane and heading to Las Vegas again this year to join 10,000+ professionals from the architecture, design, manufacturing, and media industries for 3 days of learning sessions, networking, and inspiration. Autodesk University (AU) will take place at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas on November 13-15, 2018. If you've never been, AU is a great opportunity for professionals to network and learn from Autodesk and industry experts, as well as share tips on using and getting the most out of the Autodesk software.

Each year, members from our team head to AU to present on a variety of different topics. Our presenters this go-around include Donnie Gladfelter, T.J. Meehan, Jason Kunkle, and Purvi Irwin, and their sessions are as follows:

A Match Made in Coordinates: Bringing Revit, Civil 3D, & InfraWorks Together at Last Donnie Gladfelter, Technical Product and Online Manager Purvi Irwin, Senior Applications Specialist This session is co-presented by a Revit specialist and a Civil 3D specialist. With coordinated model locations in place, they will define effective practices for exchanging data between Revit software and Civil 3D software. Capitalizing on the full potential of each coordinated design model, you will learn how to assemble your project in the context of its surroundings using InfraWorks software, and generate a virtual reality (VR) scene.

AutoCAD Tips Duel in the Desert: TheMadCadr vs The CAD Geek Donnie Gladfelter, Technical Product and Online Manager Frank Mayfield, Applications Engineer, ECAD, Inc. TheMadCadr and The CAD Geek square off to present their sharpest-shooting productivity tips, tricks, and techniques in this winner-take-all duel in the desert! Although there will be but a single loser in this duel, there will be many winners who discover new ways to remove tedium and boost productivity on their projects. Cowboy boots, large belt buckles, and 10-gallon hats are optional, but you’re encouraged to pick up what these dudes are putting down.

AutoCAD Tips, Tricks, and Delightful Drafting Techniques Donnie Gladfelter, Technical Product and Online Manager If you want to master AutoCAD software, join Autodesk Expert Elite member Donnie “The CAD Geek” Gladfelter as he shares a plethora of power-user tips acquired from writing 6 books on AutoCAD and blogging for more than a decade. Mr. Gladfelter will take you through a powerful collection of proven productivity techniques that are certain to improve your everyday drawing life. From simple to advanced, you’re sure to discover new ways to remove tedium and boost your ability to meet project deadlines.

COBie and Revit T.J. Meehan, Vice President of Technology Solutions Jason Kunkel, Senior Practice Manager, Design and Engineering Are you required to provide a COBie deliverable and you're using Revit software? This is the class to learn all you need to know about the Construction to Operations Building Information Exchange format and how to deliver a compliant spreadsheet using the COBie Extension for Revit. The team who built this free Autodesk utility will teach you the key aspects of COBie, how to use the COBie extension effectively, pitfalls to avoid, and other tips and best practices.

Getting Classy with Your Revit Models Using the Autodesk Classification Manager T.J. Meehan, Vice President of Technology Solutions Jason Kunkel, Senior Practice Manager, Design and Engineering Ever want to be able to fill in Revit parameters by picking from a list of values? Ever want to have all the standard classifications at your fingertips? Ever want to manage all your standard data to use across all your models from Microsoft Excel? Come see the Autodesk Classification Manager for Revit! This free utility, now included with Revit software, will let you do all these things and more. These guys will show you how to use this powerful tool, and provide detailed examples of what you can do with it.

If you will be joining us in Vegas, be sure to register for one of the classes above, or stop by our booth A433 in the Exhibit Hall to say hi and get access to our new Revit and AutoCAD apps and Global eTraining promotion. If you can't join us during the day, then we hope you can stop by our Customer Reception on Tuesday evening for food, drinks, and entertainment. Our reception will be held in the Venetian Hotel Conference Center Palazzo Ballroom L on Tuesday, Nov. 13 from 8-11pm.

We can’t wait to see what AU has in store for us this year and look forward to seeing you there!

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