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Bluebeam Revu 21 New Features - Release 21.1.0 and more!

CADD MicrosystemsMay 30th, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of paperless workflows and collaboration tools, Bluebeam Revu continues to stand out as a game-changer for professionals across industries. With the release of Bluebeam Revu 21.1.0, users can expect a host of new features and improvements designed to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity. Let’s dive into these exciting updates:

• Preferences Search – Preferences Search allows users to search for settings in the Preferences dialog box even if they don’t know the official name of the setting they are searching for. The user needs to simply open the Preferences dialog box from the Revu Tab, locate the Search Window in the upper left corner of any page of the Preferences dialog box, and type in a keyword or phrase to locate their desired settings. I’m sure many Bluebeam Reu users will prefer this convenient update!


• Center Coordinates: Bluebeam Revu users can now add center coordinate values to the Markup List. This allows increased precision for workflows that require the exact center point of Markups. Center Coordinates are not enabled by default but if users expand the Columns Menu and locate the Manage Columns option at the bottom of the Columns Menu they can turn on Center X and Center Y columns to very accurately track the Center Point of their design Markups. Sounds like a bullseye to this Bluebeam Revu user!


• Multiply: Multiply allows users to create offset copies of Markups and Measurements in rows or columns (similar to an array in other design software) and provides options to offset right, left, up or down, the ability to create any number of copies with offset distances controlled with an easy-to-use dialog box. I think this new command is going to save a lot of Bluebeam Revu users a lot of time! MULTIPLY.png

• Compare Documents Update: The Compare Documents dialog box has been updated to use a new, low-contrast background color to reduce eye strain and now allows users to choose print configuration settings that should increase the accuracy of the comparison. A Contextual Banner has been added to the Document Comparison dialog box that directs the user to ‘Please select two documents’ for comparison, removing any guesswork from the command. The dialog box will look quite different at first to most users but the functionality and resulting new, clouded PDF will be the same as before. Finally, an Auto Align feature has been added to Compare Documents using Bluebeam Artificial Intelligence to ease and speed the process of aligning the selected documents. In my opinion, this update is beyond compare! COMPARE DOCUMENTS.png

• Custom Captions: Custom Captions allow users to customize their measurement captions with data from their Markups List columns. They can choose from Revu’s columns, or display values from their custom columns. To use custom captions for measurements, select the measurement, expand the Properties Panel, and click the angle or less than symbol twice in the Label Window, then type the first few letters of your desire column and then select the column name from the resulting list. CUSTOM CAPTIONS.png

• Overlay Pages Update: The Overlay Pages dialog box has been updated to also use a new, low-contrast background color to reduce eye strain and a new Contextual Banner to guide the user in the proper use of the dialog box. This dialog box is resizable and features a large, dynamic preview of the pages in their overlayed state. The user can immediately see if their pages are misaligned and use the new Auto Align command mentioned above to align their PDFs to produce the best overlayed PDF possible. I think this is another very nice addition to an already powerful piece of software!


In conclusion, Bluebeam Revu 21.1.0 represents a significant leap forward in digital project collaboration, offering a robust suite of features designed to empower users, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity. With its intuitive interface, powerful tools, and seamless collaboration capabilities, Bluebeam Revu continues to be the go-to solution for professionals seeking to go paperless in this digital age.

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