Bluebeam Revu 2017 Tips: Managing and Loading Profiles

Bluebeam Revu Profiles
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Profiles are a powerful way to manage how your user interface looks and its layout, what tool sets are visible for the user, and what tool bars are displayed within Revu. Profiles can be used and managed at the user level, a group or department, or for a particular task such as review processes and takeoffs. Profiles can be hosted in a variety of methods, either in a single location where everyone has access to them and can load them when needed, or they can be hosted to the local workstations, installed during the program installation. Here are a few things to remember when managing and loading your profiles from a single-source directory.

Customizing the users interface in Bluebeam Revu is crucial in optimizing their efficiency. Maintaining a single location of Profiles for users to load into Bluebeam Revu helps the organization maintain standards through the various processes in Revu. When producing a library of Profiles for all users to use for Revu, it is best to keep the library opened so every user can access it. Next, it is best to keep the library as read-only, so no user saves over the default profiles by accident. Next, it is good to understand how a Profile is loaded onto a workstation. When a user imports a Profile by going to View -> Profiles -> Import, the user will browse to the directory that houses your organizations’ Profiles. There, they choose the Profile they wish to load. Once loaded, a copy of that profile is then saved onto their computer located in the directory “C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Bluebeam Software\Revu\16\”. In essence, this is to make it so if the user needs to change anything in the Profile, they change it for them and their changes do not affect other users. If the Profile in the directory is updated, simply have the user re-import the new Profile.

A centralized library of profiles for users to have access to can help optimize their ability to work in Revu and maintain a level of standardization for the whole organization.

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